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Hairstyle With Over Highlights


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Using over highlights on the hair can give a hard time for most of them because different hair colors will be used to achieve this look. The highlights will absorb color very easily while using the over highlights on your hair when compared to other parts that are not used for highlighting purpose. Most of the celebrities highlights their hair in this manner to get a new look.
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Before coloring your hair with over highlights get help from a hairstylist as they can do this professionally. If you are doing this at home decide about the color you are planning to achieve. It is very difficult to use lighter highlights as they have broad color range and darker-colored highlights can be easily used on the hair. First you have use the primary color to cover most of the hair leaving the highlighting hair. Secondly, reverse the highlights to make it look similar to your hair color. Try to divide the hair which will be used for highlighting and use equal amounts of primary color all over the hair. Leave the hair for half an hour and rinse it with normal water. Dry the hair using a towel and comb it. Now you can use the secondary color on the highlights using a tinfoil. After applying the highlights on your hair check it once in every 5 minutes to get the color you are looking for. Then rinse the hair again with normal water and style it as usual.
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