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Methods To get Soft Nappy Hair


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A nappy hair can give a hard time for most of the people, but they can make it soft to make it easily controllable. This type of hair usually needs additional moisturizing to make it free from breakage as well as damage. Using too much blow dryer along with hair product can make the hair much more stiff. You can use the following methods to get a soft nappy hair.
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Begin the styling by washing the hair and avoid using a conditioner. Then part the hair and conditioning it by mixing one cup of conditioner along with 1/4 cup of virgin olive oil. Use this mixture on each part of the hair to make it smooth and try to massage it. Use a towel to remove the moisture from the hair and keep it slightly damp. Next place a plastic wrap around the hair or you can also dip a towel into the hot water to wrap in on the hair. Leave it for about half an hour and wash the hair using warm water. Add a little amount of the olive oil in your hand to gently massage it on the scalp. Use a blow dryer all over the hair to end the styling. You can also wrap the hair with a silk cloth which can help to make the hair shiny as well as softer. Give your hair a hot oil treatment at least two times in a month for better results.
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