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Circle Hair Braid


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A circle braid has been one of the most worn hairstyle among most of the women which also includes celebrities. This hairstyle can give a very beautiful as well as unique look for anyone who wears it with medium to long hair. It can also be worn in different styles depending upon the length of your hair.
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Start the styling by washing the hair and brush it with a comb to remove the tangles. Then divide the hair around your head such as front right edge, across front of your head, down left side, around left edge, and at the back and around your head to meet right side. Try to secure each section with a rubber band. You must also make sure that your hair looks even around your head to create similar hair all around. Start braiding the hair that has been parted and leave the ends as it is. Next take the second part to create a braid just like the previous one. Use the same method to create brads on each part that was divided in your hair and make sure it has been tightly stuck on your scalp. After braiding the entire hair around the head secure it using a hair band or you can also use bobby pins to hold the hair in place. Try to wear a scarf on your hair while going to bed at night for a week and make to keep the hair moisturized.
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