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Hairstyle With Unnatural Hair Color


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Using unnatural hair color on your head can give a very unique look. It is a fun way of styling the hair which can be worn for a casual occasion. There are many people who want to make their hair look attractive and this method can help to achieve that look. Here is a simple coloring process that can be followed to use unnatural color.
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To add unnatural hair color, first decide about the color that you want to use on the hair as it will stay on your head for some time. Try to bleach the hair if it is not in blond color and apply a petroleum jelly near the hairline which will help to keep the hair color falling on your face. There are different types of hair colors available in the market, make sure to select the right one. Now separate your hair different parts and color each of them individually until all of the hair gets colored. After coloring the hair use a shower cap and leave the hair as per the time mentioned on the coloring package. Dry your hair using a hair dryer and rinse the hair till the water comes out fully clean from your hair. Use a hair conditioner and leave the hair for about 10 minutes and rinse it again. Leave the hair for a day and wash it again. Try to wash your hair and condition it for 2-3 days before styling it as per your desire.
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