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Taking Care Of Puffy Curls


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Having puffy curls in your hair can give attractive look, but it can give problem to most of the people. This type of hair cannot be used for creating the hairstyle that is achieved with other kinds of hair. You can use hair products to control the frizz in the hair, but it can last only for some time. Here is a method that can be followed to flatten the puffy hair.
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First wash your hair as well as condition it properly. Then use leave-in conditioner all over the hair and dry it using hair dryer. Mist all over your hair using water to make the curls flat after using dryer. Use a small amount of silicone shine serum all over the hair which can add more weight in your hair and make it stay downward as possible. Try to use natural-bristle paddle brush to comb the hair which can make the hair look straight and lengthen your hair curls without causing any frizz. Ceramic hair straightener can be used to flatten the poof hair and it can also retain the moisture in the hair controlling the frizz. Before using the ceramic hair straightner, make sure to use heat-protectant spray all over the hair. Another option would be twisting the hair to create a long braid or a bun on top of the head. This can help to keep the puffy curls straight and you can also pull out few strands to add a messy effect.
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