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Using Bobby Pins To Straighten Hair


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Hair straightening is usually done using different methods that can affect your hair. But there are few steps that can be followed to straighten your hair without causing damage to the hair. You can just use pins to make your hair straight which is not used by many as it can last only for some time. But it one of the safest techniques that can used without using any chemicals that can affect your hair.
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Before starting the straightening process, wash your hair as usual and use a good hair conditioner. Then add a generous amount of hair gel throughout the hair and brush it using a fine-toothed comb. Next part the hair and mist the hair with water to make it slightly damp. Try to comb the hair straight from front of the head straight down and hold it in place using bobby pins near the temples. Now brush the hair midway and secure it at the back of your ear. Brush the hair behind your head and keep it in place at your hairline. Next brush the hair which is much longer than the hairline and loop it at the back around the hand which will help to keep the hair straight while it becomes completely dry. Now leave your hair to dry on its own and take out the pins once the hair gets dry fully. Use your fingers to brush through the hair and avoid using a comb.
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