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Golden Blonde Hairstyle


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A golden blonde hairstyle can give a great look and it can be worn with all types of hair. This look can be a little difficult to achieve as you have to select the right hair coloring product to apply it on the hair. There are chances of using the right hair color in a wrong way which can spoil the look of your hair. Avoid coloring your hair at least for three months after coloring the hair once as the blonde color can be harsh on the hair.
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The most important step in achieving this look is the hair color you are selecting. This look can be easily achieved those who have brown to blonde hair and if you have dark hair try to use a hair froster. You can use the frosting cap to highlight the hair by pulling the hair through the cap which has holes in it. Then mix the hair color along with the developer to apply it on the hair and leave the hair for about 45-55 minutes. Then rinse the hair before using the conditioner and leave it for another 30-45 minutes. Rinse the hair again to get the desired look. You can also color your hair entirely with golden blonde color by mixing it in the same as you used for highlighting your hair. It is important to moisturize your hair after using the hair color and make sure to wear hand gloves before starting the styling process.
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