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Looking For Hair Patterns


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Most of the people like to style their like celebrities and some of them fail to do it. This is due to thickness as well as texture of hair and sometimes even hair growth patterns are considered to b the reason. If you are planning to wear a celebrity hairstyle, try to look at the patterns of your hair growth to know whether it can be achieved on your hair before proceeding further. The problems faced by hair growth patterns can be solved by growing your hair long. Most of the people who have short hair will face this problem very often.
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First wash the hair before conditioning it as usual. Then dry your hair with a normal towel and brush it fully. Make a center part on your head and brush the hair from dominant whirl over your head straight out. Try to find second whirls, distinct growth patterns or hair bumps on the crown and look for strong tendencies of bangs or more curly patches. Now make small parting over your head and pull the hair straight out using the fingers and lower the fingers down toward to make the hair to bend. Look at the hair to find out from where it begins to bend from your scalp which will be the natural bend. Avoid cutting your hair below its natural bend as it can make the hair look spiky and don’t leave the hair to grow long as it can make it look layered.
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