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Coloring Hair Using Markers


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There are different hair colors available in the market that can used to dye your hair and if you are planning to color a section in the hair it can also be done by a marker. Even though the markers are not a permanent hair color it can be used to get the color done on the hair without any problem. There are different types of markers available specially to color the hair, but you can also use the normal markers.
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Start the styling process on a day old hair as a freshly washed hair cannot be suitable for the marker color. Then brush the hair with the help of wide-toothed comb and condition it as usual. Divide the hair into parts and secure each of them on top of the head. Try to wear gloves in your hands to prevent the marker colors. The marker will be first used underneath part of the hair. Take the marker to color the hair from the roots till the end of your hair and use the same process to color other parts of the hair. Now pull a part of the hair that was secured on top of the head to color it using the same technique. Try to work on your hair from the lowest section on the scalp and move from back to front of your head. Avoid using heating tools after coloring the hair with markers as it can cause damage.
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