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Getting Curls Back In Overstraightened Hair


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Those who have naturally curly hair can style their hair in different ways which also includes straight hairstyles. But leaving the hair straight for a long time or even over straightening can make it loose the curly texture. The curly hair can stay straightened if you are using a flat iron on it. Here is a method that can be useful in getting the curls back in an overstraightened hair.
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Begin the styling process by cutting the hair that was straightened using chemicals along with other damaged hair. Then wash the hair by rinsing it with normal water and use a deep hair conditioner. Now use a plastic cap to cover the hair fully or you can also use a towel to cover the head. Leave it on for about 20 minutes or you can also use a bonnet dryer. Next rinse your hair again with cold water and use a leave-in hair conditioner to add moisture in your hair. Try to massage the scalp while using the leave-in hair conditioner starting from root to end. Leave your hair to dry on its own and avoid using any kind of hair drying tools as it can remove the moisture added in the hair which will keep it straight. Give your hair a deep conditioning treatment at least two times during the week to keep the curl in place. Once the curl starts to stay on your hair and try to use leave-in hair conditioner every day.
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