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Hairstyle With Scrunched Curls


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Hairstyle with scrunched curls can give a beautiful look that is suitable for a special event. Even though this style can look good, it is considered to be difficult to maintain. It is also very difficult to keep the curls in place in this hairstyle as they will be large. Try to keep away from hair products that can make your hair soft as they can remove the curls.
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First wash the hair as usual using a shampoo and apply a conditioner all over the hair. Use cold water to rinse your hair and use a towel to blot the hair or you can leave them to dry on its own. Then spread a small amount of mousse in your hands and apply it through the hair by the scrunching sections from tips to end of the roots. Use a diffuser in the blow dryer after dividing the hair as two inch parts and dry the hair with cool setting. Once the hair gets fully dry, mist it with a small amount of hairspray on the sections of the hair and scrunch it as usual. Now mist the hair with water in a spray bottle all over the hair and part the hair again into two different parts. Try to wrap the hair using hair ties using a bandanna before going to bed in the night. Take out the hair ties in the morning and spritz all over your hair with a hold spray.
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