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Protein Treatment For Hair


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Hair can be strengthened by using various methods, but a protein treatment can be the best choice for most of the hair types. Having a healthy and strong hair can also help to create different types of hairstyle. You can do experiments without your hair by also cutting it as per your desire. Here is a simple process to give the hair a protein treatment with homemade ingredients.
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Start the process on a clean hair and apply a conditioner all over the hair. You can prepare the protein at home by mixing the conditioner along with an egg and natural oil. Use a fork to mix the ingredients well and then separate the hair as four different parts. Try to apply the mixture on each part of the hair starting from the root to end of the hair. Leave your hair for about 15-20 minutes and try to rinse it completely using a cold bowl of water. Avoid using warm or hot water as it can spoil the hair treatment. Another most important part in this process is using the moisturizing conditioner all over the hair and covering it with plastic cap. This will help to strengthen your hair and add moisture. Leave the moisturizing conditioner on the hair for about 15-20 minutes and wash it as usual. Try to dry your hair by blotting it as usual which will make it much stronger than it actually was before the styling process.
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