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Voluminous Haircut


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A voluminous haircut can be the best to style the hair thick and strong. This style can give a very healthy look to your hair which can be done without going to a saloon. Even though this style can consume more time when compared to other haircuts it can give a amazing look. If you are planning to change the look of your hair try to this haircut as it can suit all kinds of faces. This hairstyle can be created to add dimension in your hair which will make it look similar to a blunt cut. Before adding the volume in your hair, get the haircut done as per your desire.
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To get this look, first mist the hair with a hairspray at the roots which can add more volume in your hair. Next add a small amount of texturizing cream on the lower part of your hair to create the texture. Then use a medium sized round brush to brush the hair completely to create more volume and use a curling iron to style the hair layers. You can also create bangs in this hairstyle along with additional volume which can make this style look more unique. Use a blow dryer to dry your hair whenever it is possible. If you are creating side bangs to frame your face try to mix it with the hairstyle. This haircut is known to give a versatile look than other similar haircuts that are created by the hair stylist.
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