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Coloring Hair To Look Silver Blonde


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Blond color is available in different shades which also include silver shades that can give a really amazing look. There are many celebrities who color their hair in these shades. There is no need to color your hair from a hair specialist as it can done by anyone, but some of the process must be done by the stylist to avoid damage to the hair unless you are expert in coloring the hair.
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To create this look, first select the right color for your hair and make sure it has silver tones. The silver blonde color is a perfect choice for those who have a dark hair and make sure to bleach the hair before using the silver blonde hair color. Before applying the hair color try to wash your hair using a blue shampoo that can remove brassiness from the hair. Try to use a little amount of toner into the shampoo before using it on the hair. Then reverse frost the hair to reduce blond in a frosted hair. You must use a cap on the head to pull your hair from the hole in the cap. You can also use foils to do this process which can provide the same result. While using the cap make sure to pull the hair from the hole using a hook provided along with the styling kit. If you are doing this process for the first time get help from a hairstylist for better results.
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