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Hairstyle With Bohemian Curls


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Bohemian curls are most worn hairstyle among most of the women which also includes celebrities. This style will have free flowing curls that can left loose or secured as an updo. It is a hairstyle that can give a feminine look that can be specially worn for a casual or formal occasion. Here is a simple method that is mostly used by hairstylist to create this hairstyle.
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To achieve this style, divide your hair into three parts and make a horizontal part from right side to left size of the head. Use alligator clips to keep these sections in one place on top of the head. Start your hairstyling process from the end of the hair that is near to the neck. Then mist the hair with a spray and create curls in the hair using the one inch barrel curling iron. Try to loop the curl in your fingers and secure each of them in place using a hairclip. Mist the hair with hairspray and continue to create curls all over the hair. Take one inch part of the hair at the front to curl it forward and hold it in place using a clip. Brush the curls gently without putting any pressure and apply a little amount of hair wax on top surface of the hair to keep the stray hairs in place. Now pull the front section to style it as bangs and secure the hair using a barrette.
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