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Marine Haircut


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A marine haircut is a very simple way of styling the hair which is one of the best non-maintenance hairstyle. This hairstyle is very common among the military personnel which leaves only small amount of hair on top of the head. In this hairstyle, the hair will be cut completely short on top of the head and the sides will be shaved. It is important to keep the side hair shorter than the hair on top of the head in this haircut.
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To create a marine haircut, first comb the hair as usual if you have a short hair and those who have long hair must use detangling comb to brush it. Take an electric hair clipper along with short clipper gate about 1/4 inch and try to change clipper height with middle setting. Start cutting your hair that is on top of your head and you can also use larger clipper gate in front to keep the hair little longer or smaller gate at the back of your head. Now take clipper gate from clippers to change it to lowest setting and start shaving your hair at the side as well as back of your head. Try to give the hair a gentle trim and use a shaving cream while shaving the hair. You can also use scissors along with a cutting comb for shaping your hair on top of your head and use the same method to cut any uneven hair lengths.
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