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Scruffy Updo


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A scruffy updo is a natural way of styling the hair for special events. This style has become very popular among most of the celebrities who wear it on regular basis. In this hairstyle, the hair will be pulled up to create an updo along with a messy look. This hairstyle can be the best choice for those who are planning to change their normal look.
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It is important to have a long hair to achieve this look perfectly or try to add hair extensions if you have a short hair. The hair length must be at least medium to long or you may lose the texture of the hairstyle. Start the styling by wash the hair and brush it with a normal comb to remove the tangles. Use a small amount of anti-frizz hair gel all over the hair and take it at the back of the head to make a ponytail. You can use the ponytail to create a small bun at the back or make it sit flat on top of the head. Try to brush the hair in case there are any bumps before wrapping your ponytail around its base. Hold the hairstyle in place by using an elastic band and also use pins to keep the hair at the sides in place. Try to pull out strands from your hair to create a scruffy look and then mist the entire look with a small amount of hairspray.
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