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Steps to Create Hair Web


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Hair web is a hairstyle that can be created by connecting ponytails over your head just like spider web. This style is mostly worn by kids as it can give a very cute look when matched with a proper dress. It can also help to keep the hair away from your face. This hairstyle looks a little complicated to achieve, but it can be created very easily without using any special method. This style involves a long process that must be followed carefully or you may get into trouble while creating it in the middle.
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Start your styling technique by dividing the hair from one ear to another. Take the front part to separate into two equal parts and there must be four ponytails across the forehead which must be secured with a hair band. Now create five ponytails on the second half of your front part and hold it in place with a band. Then separate the ponytail into two parts and connect them with the ponytail at the back of the head to create a zig-zag pattern. Take the back part of your hair and separate it horizontally as two different sections. Create six ponytails at the back of your head to make them lie between each ponytails. Now divide the ponytails from the front of your head into two to add it with ponytails behind your previous rows. At last use a curling iron to create loose curls in your hair.
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