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Hairstyle With Long Afro


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An afro hairstyle is one of the most difficult ways of styling the hair. It can be styled in different ways depending upon the length of the hair. Creating a long afro is the simplest ways of styling the afro hair because of the length of your hair. It is usually worn by the African-Americans and it will be braided much closer to your scalp when compared to other afro hairstyles.
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First as usual wash your hair using a shampoo before conditioning it. Dry the hair using a normal towel t and keep it slightly wet to brush it with wide tooth comb which will help to remove the tangles in your hair. Then use a leave-in moisturizer which can make the hair to come out very easily while styling it. Now create various parts in the hair with a comb and start braiding the first cornrow. Spritz your entire hair with water to make the hair damp which will make the styling process much easier. Take your hair to separate into three strands and start crossing right strand on middle strand and cross left strand on the middle strand. Do this till you go to the end of your hair and end it with a stitch. Make sure to braid the hair tight as leaving the hair loose can spoil the look of your hairstyle. Use a rubber band to hold the braid in place and use your fingers to twist end of the hair.
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