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Twisted Ponytail With Straight Hair


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A twist ponytail can be created with any type of hair and especially when the hair fully straight it can be achieved very easily. It is a simple hairstyle that can give an amazing look for everyone who has medium to long hair. In this hairstyle there will be ponytail created at the back of head and the hair will be twisted in it. Here is a simple method that can be followed to get this style at home.
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To achieve this look, first take the entire hair just over center of your forehead and make sure it is about 1-2 wide in size. Try to twist the hair as many times you would like and take it over back of the head. Keep this part of the hair in place with the help of a hair pin at the back and use ponytail holder on top of the head. Next comb the hair which are over the sides as well as the hair at the neck. Now pull your hair to hold in one hand and comb it on top of the head to create the twist. Try to slick your hair which is at the back using the hands and make the ponytail. Look your hairstyle in the mirror and if you find any problem with it try to adjust your hands only. Make sure that your ponytail has been placed at the center at the back of your head.
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