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Hairstyle With Luscious Curls


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Creating a hairstyle with luscious curls can give a great look and it can be worn for a special occasion like a wedding. This style is also worn by most of the Hollywood celebrities on the red carpet as it really gives big impression. There is no need to go to a hair specialist to get this look as it you can easily achieve a saloon styled look sitting at home by following these simple steps.
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To get this hairstyle, first condition your hair after washing it as usual and use a blow dryer to make it dry. Keep the hair slightly damp and use a hair-shine gel all over the hair. Then separate the hair into different parts which will be used for rolling into a roller. Keep the roller over the bottom of your hair to roll each section till it reaches your head. Keep the rollers in place along with the hair using a roller clip. Leave the hair to dry on its own without using any dryer as they can cause flyaways. Now brush the hair using your fingers and divide the curls which will help to add more volume. Avoid using a hair brush as they can make the hair straight and it will also create frizz. At last use a small amount of hairspray to keep the curls in place and keep in mind that using too much of hairspray can make the hair weigh down.
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