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Methods To Use A Moisture Block


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A moisture block is normally used to keep the humidity in the hair for maintaining the hairstyle. It can help to remove the frizz in your hair and protect it from damage while heating products for styling the hair.  Even chlorine water cannot cause damage to the hair if you use the moisture block. Here is a procedure to use the moisture block in a proper way. Always begin the styling process with a small part of the hair to look for any allergies.
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First shampoo your hair while washing it as usual and use a conditioner. This can help to remove the dirt from the hair and use a towel to dry it. Take a small amount of moisture block in your hand and rub it with the other hand. Start applying it through the hair with the help of your hands your hands and rub them together. The moisture block can be used on the hair depending upon its length and thickness. Try to use over the ends of the hair and scrunch it on your hair to distribute it evenly all over. Use a blow dryer to dry your hair and style it with a curling iron or your fingers. If it is possible try to dry the hair naturally without using any hair drying tools. The hair can stay in the same manner until you wash it with the shampoo again or you can just style it using your fingers.
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