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Ways To Create Hair Tufts


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A hair tuft is usually found on the head where the hair will start growing in different direction than others. There are temporary hair tufts that usually form during the night or even if wear a hat. Most of the people don’t like to have tufts in their hair as it can spoil their hair hairstyle, but some of them make the hair tufts as their hairstyle. There are also mane celebrities who have styled their hair with tufts to get a unique look. You can use the following technique to achieve the tufts in your hair without going through any special process.
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It is very simple and easy to achieve hair tufts, first you must style the hair as per your desire before creating the tufts. Then take a part of the hair which must be about two inches all over the hair where ever you want to create the tufts. Next mist the hair with water and hold the two inch part straight up using a comb and blow dry it with a blow dryer. Add a small amount of hold gel all only over the tufts root and make sure to hold the tufts with the comb till the hair gel becomes completely dry. At last spritz the entire hair including the tufts with a hairspray to end the styling process. Avoid using the hair over the tufts fully as it can make them weigh down spoiling your look.
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