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Cloud Hairstyle


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A cloud hairstyle is one of the most unique ways of styling your hair and it is usually worn to get a fun look. This hairstyle is usually worn by men than women as it can give a funky look and it can be created by teasing the hair as much as possible along with a hairspray. It can be created in different ways if you go to a hairstylist, but you can do this at home by using few simple styling tools. Avoid using the hair products that have dimethicone and silicone as they can make your hair hard as well as slippery.
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To create this look, first dry your hair fully and add a generous amount of hair gel. Then shake out your hair by turning the head upside down and mist the entire hair with a hairspray. Start teasing the hair from nape of the neck and move your way toward the hairline. Now pull a part of hair to keep it taut and try to backcomb it. Do the same with the rest of your hair and mist the hair again with a hairspray. Try to shake the head to create a tousled look and look at your hair in a mirror. The hair must look puffy and mist it with a hairspray to end the styling process. You can also use a moisturizing hairspray and hair gel all over the hair which can help to protect as well as nourish your hair properly.
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