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Hairstyle With Edgy Bangs


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Creating a hairstyle with edgy bangs can give an interesting and unique look. The edgy bangs can be worn along with any type of hairstyle. It is easy to achieve this hairstyle without spending too much time and money by going to a saloon. You can easily achieve this look without taking out your present hairstyle. Try to cut the bangs gently to avoid accidental cuts on the forehead.
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First take the bangs out by combing your hair and secure the remaining hair using a hair clip. Now take 1 inch part in the bangs between pointer and the middle finger to cut the hair in a straight line. The bangs must be cut slightly longer straight across your forehead. Hold the first section of the bangs back in two fingers upwards pointing towards the ceiling to cut them by pointing the scissors downward. Try to cut the hair as deep as possible depending upon your choice and you can also leave the bangs to look choppy. Brush the bangs on the forehead if you want to make the bangs shorter than they are. At last cut the bangs to look dramatic with sharp edges by pulling half inch sections of the hair. Try to cut two diagonal lines at the side of your hair to change it from squared end to pointed end. Now you can blow dry the hair on your forehead and style rest of your hair as per your desire.
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