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Taking Care Of Limp Hair


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A limp hair usually occurs due to different reasons such as product buildup and others. Taking care of a limp hair can be difficult for most of the people as it can be treated at a saloon. But there are few methods that can used to treat a limp hair at home by using the following items.
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Limp hair caused due to product buildup can be taken care by using vinegar. Take 1 part of vinegar along with 3 parts of water and mix it well. Use a shampoo to wash the hair and rinse your hair using warm water. Then mist the hair with the mixture of water and vinegar. Next condition the hair at the ends. The next option is using egg mask on your hair. Take 2 eggs to mix it along with 1/2 tsp olive oil and lemon juice. Use the mixture on your hair with your fingers and cover it using a plastic cap. Leave the hair for half an hour and then rinse it using warm water before conditioning the hair. The final option is using a baking soda which is the easiest process while taking care of a limp hair and it can also add natural body to your hair. Take 1 tsp of baking soda o mix it along with your regular shampoo. Then use the shampoo to wash the hair and brush it using a wide tooth comb. Rinse the hair using lukewarm water and condition it as usual.
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