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Using Cinnamon To Reduce Hair Color


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Cinnamon can be used as a hair product that can helpful in lightening the hair color. There are many hair coloring products that can be used to lighten the hair, but they can be harmful to your hair. Using a cinnamon can a perfect choice as it will not harm your hair and it can also make the hair look shiny. Make sure that your hair properly conditioned before starting the styling process which will make it easy to work through the hair.
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Begin the styling procedure by mixing the cinnamon powder along with hair conditioner. Then wash your hair as usual and dry it without using any heating tools. Then brush the hair to remove the tangles as they can cause trouble while using the mixture on the hair. Now use the mixture all over the hair and make sure it covers all the strands of your hair. Brush the hair to distribute the mixture evenly through your hair. Use a hair clip to keep the hair in place and cover it using a shower cap. Leave the mixture on your hair during the night and rinse it with water as usual in the next morning. Use a regular shampoo to wash the hair and look in a mirror to see your hair for the changes. In case you are not satisfied with your hair color, use the same method again as it will not cause any damage to the hair.
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