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Creating Curls With Straight Hair


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Having a straight hairstyle can give a simple look but this style can made more attractive by creating curls with the straight hair. It is very simple and easy to achieve curls in a straight hair without going to a saloon. You must use the follow method to achieve this hairstyle in perfect shape. This style can be created by using a curling iron. There are different types of curling iron and make sure to select the perfect one.
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First comb the hair as usual by brushing it to remove the tangles and mist the hair with Aussie hairspray. Then take a one inch part of the hair to keep its bottom section in between the curling iron and secure it. Try to roll the curling iron from bottom of the hair to achieve full curls with bounce. Leave the hair in the iron for about 30-40 seconds and mist it again with Aussie hairspray. Now twist your curling iron sideways to create sideways curls and twist the curling iron in circles to wrap it around the iron. Create curls all over the hair in parts using the same direction and make sure to use the hairspray before adding the hair in the curling iron. Use the curling iron on the hair with medium heat to prevent damage to the hair. At last leave the curls to flow for a natural look or create an updo to make it look more beautiful.
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