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Make Your Own Clip-In Bangs


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Creating bangs in the hair can consume more time than styling the entire hair. You must also maintain the bangs in a proper way to make them look good. There are few styling tips that can be used to create the bangs without putting more effort. Clip-in bangs can be the perfect choice for those want to add bangs in their hairstyle. These bangs are available at beauty supply store which can bought and directly use it on your head. You can also create the clip-in bangs at home to save money or to make the bangs look natural.
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First look at the size of the forehead and keep hair extensions on it for measuring. Then cut the two hair extensions in the same size and with the width of your forehead. Secure each end of the extension with wig glue and stack the extension strips over each other to brush it out completely. Keep the hair extensions together on top using the glue and hold it till the glue dries. Now secure the toupee clips over the extensions and face the rubber backing away from your hair extensions. Add a small of glue on your toupee clip and press it firmly at a side of your strip. Use the same method on the remaining width and use clips one inch apart. Now cut the bangs as per your desire and try to keep it slightly longer to frame your eyes to achieve a great look.
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