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Sideswept French Braid


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A sideswept French braid is one of the great ways of styling the hair that can give an amazing look. This hairstyle can be worn only if your hair is long enough to create the braid. You can also add hair extension to make this braid, but try to secure it carefully along with the natural hair. There are many celebrities who create this hairstyle for wearing it on special events. The most important part in achieving this hairstyle is creating the French braid which can be done by following the same procedure that is used in the standard braid.
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To get a sideswept French braid, first pull the front part of the hair and take it at the back of the head to secure it using a hair pin. Then divide a part of your hair from one ear to another behind your head and start creating the braid as usual by pulling the hair from one side of your head. Make the hair to fall down in front to create the lace braid effect. After the braid comes near your shoulder try to wrap it around your entire braid. Secure the hair in place using a hair pin to end the styling process. You can also mist all over the hair with a finishing hairspray to keep the hairstyle in place for a long time. Try to add hair accessories or a flower to make this style look for beautiful.
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