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Hairstyle With Braided Fauxhawk


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A braided fauxhawk is a very unique way of styling the hair that is mostly worn by few people only. It can be easily created on any type of hair, but it must be long enough to create the braid. There are few celebrities who prefer to style their hair in this manner to change their look. This hairstyle will look very complicated to create, but it can be achieved without getting help from anyone.
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Start the styling process by combing your hair to remove the tangles. Then take a big section from your hair at the center of the forehead to separate it into small parts. Try to tease the hair to get a puff like look and keep it place using bobby pins. Now take a section of the hair just below the puff to separate it into three different parts and make a regular three strand braid. Then take the big part of your hair from the left side of the forehead at the center of your crown and include it to the left strand of the hair. Use the same method on the other strand of the hair and make sure to add a part of your while creating the braid. Use a hair elastic to keep the braid in place and pull out few strands of the hair. Now take your hair from the ear to add it with the braid and secure it by using more bobby pins.
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