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Lightening Tips For Coarse Hair


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A coarse hair is usually considered to be rough that can cause problem to most of the people. If you are planning to create a hairstyle with coarse hair you must do it with a hard work. You can also make this hairstyle look good by coloring the coarse hair with a proper hair color. In case the color looks much brighter on your hair, try to lighten it by using the following method.
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First select styling product that is based on texture of the hair and coarse hair will be porous that can easily absorbs color. Get the hair products that have natural oils and less chemicals to prevent stripping of moisture from the hair. The coarse hair usually has low tolerance for the chemicals as it makes it look dry as well as damaged. Use a small amount of heat-protecting product all over the hair before applying the hair color on it. Use the products which have ingredients to nourish your hair. There are many products that can make the coarse hair much worse than they actually are, so try to use thick conditioners. Try to use a blow dryer to dry the hair and avoid using a curling iron as they can remove the moisture from the hair. Use the hair lightening product on the coarse hair after doing a strand test with on part of your hair. Try using a gentle hair coloring method to lighten your hair.
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