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Methods To Straighten A Permed Hair


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A permed hairstyle can give a great look with curls in it, but you can make it straight to achieve a unique look. Most of the women like to do this by going to a hairstylist, but it can be done at home by using few simple styling tools. You can straighten a permed hair temporarily which will consume very less time depending upon the length of the hair. Make sure to straighten the hair section by section to achieve the best result.
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First wash the hair using a clarifying shampoo and get a deep conditioning treatment. Use a towel to dry the hair and brush the hair from top to bottom. Then mist all over the hair using a heat-protectant hairspray and use a blow dryer to dry your hair roughly. Next separate your hair as three different parts such as one at the back and two at the sides. Now use the blow dryer on the divided section on by one and make sure to use a paddle brush while drying the hair. Use the same process on the other parts of the hair. Then use your blow dryer to blast cool air on the sections of the hair across your head. Now you can use a good flat iron to straighten the hair by dividing it into two inch sections. At last apply a medium amount of hair serum all over the hair to keep the flyaways in place.
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