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Ponytail With A Oomph


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Creating a ponytail with oomph can give beautiful look for anyone who wears. This style can be achieved with any type of hair. Most of the celebrities wear this type of hairstyle for special events. Anyone with medium to long hair can get this hairstyle without going to a hair specialist. Here is simple procedure that can be followed to create this beautiful and unique hairstyle at home. Try to wash the hair as usual and condition it at least a week before the styling process.
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Begin the styling procedure by applying a heat protectant serum all over the hair and use a blow dryer along with a round brush to dry the hair which will also help to add more volume in the hair. Then take a hair section on top of the head from one ear to another across back of your head and secure it with hair clip. Keep this section straight up and use fine-tooth comb at the backside of your head to push it down. Continue this method till your add more volume into the hair. Now take the section of hair that was secured earlier and create a ponytail. Try to smoothen the layer of your hair on top of the head to cover your teased section. Now you can add a hair clip at one side of the head to cover the elastic or try to use the hair clip from underside of your ponytail for covering the elastic.
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