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Sideswept Bangs


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Sideswept bangs can give a very unique look if your wear it with a proper hairstyle. It is mostly worn by all the celebrities who like to create bangs in their hair. There are also other people who like to style their hair in this way as it can sometimes give an amazing look. Anyone can just use this method to cut the bangs in this manner.
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Start the styling process by washing the hair normally and keep it slightly damp during the styling. Try to part your hair like a triangle shape over the front of your crown along with a curved shape. Create a ponytail using the remaining hair and separate this part into three different sections on top of the forehead. The first section must start at the left temple of your corner eye and second section in between the outside corner of your left eye as well as outside the corner of right eye. The last part of the hair must be created at right temple and try to keep the outer part of the hair in place during the cutting process on the center section. You must cut center section of the hair horizontally from the outside corner of your eye and move towards other corner of the eye. Make sure to cut the bangs when they are still wet the wet bangs not more than half inch longer and make a simple line across the bangs.
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