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Long Fade Haircut


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A long fade haircut can be created on any type of hair. In this hairstyle, the hair at the side of the head will be cut shorter and the hair will be kept longer on top of the head. Here is a method that can be followed to get this style at home.
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First comb the hair and use a small clipper gate along with the electric hair clippers to start the styling. Try to cut hair on top of your head and try to level it around the head. Use the clipper with lowest setting at base of your head and cut about 2 inches from bottom of the head. Use the same technique to cut around the ear and try to shave it half inch around your ears. Make a line similar to a semicircle and start shaving the hair over the back of your neck below neckline. Now use the clipper with next higher level o cut half inch hair on top of the previous haircuts. Try to move clippers to the middle level over the head and cut half inch over your last haircut. Again take the clipper with second-highest setting to do the haircut in the same way as the previous and finally cut the hair around your head. Now you can use scissor along with comb to cut the hair that was left out and style the hair as per your desire using a hair gel.
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