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Methods To Hide Cowlicks In Your Hair


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A cowlick in the hair can be very difficult to control as it will just stand up giving a bad look. It can usually occur due to various reasons in places like crown of your head and nape of your neck. Maintaining the cowlicks is known to be very difficult and there are chances that you can hide them from being noticed with a proper styling method.
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The simplest way to hide the cowlicks is styling the hair in a different ways by parting it. Try to use hair gel to keep the parted hair in place. Another option is blow drying the hair with low heat and use a round brush to control the cowlicks during this process. Try to create curls in the hair using a curling iron and use a little amount of serum all over the curls to hide the cowlicks. You can also cut the hair which forms as a cowlick. If you have the cowlicks in the crown of the head, create short layers which will easily blend with the cowlicks along with an edgy look. Try to get angled cut which is the best way to hide the cowlicks as well as style the hair. The final option would be creating bangs in the hair if you find the cowlicks on top of the forehead. Try to create thick swoop bangs with any type of hairstyle as they can weigh down by hiding the cowlicks very easily.
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