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Scrunched Waves


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Scrunched waves can be worn as a special hairstyle for formal or casual occasion. This hairstyle is mainly worn by celebrities, but others can wear it for any special event. Maintaining this style is known to be difficult as the waves will move away from its structure. Use the hair products that can make the waves to stay in place for a long time for better results. There is no need for a hair stylist to achieve this look, but you must follow the technique carefully to create it in a proper way.
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To get this style, wash your hair and condition it with a good hair conditioner. Then rinse all over the hair with cold water and blot it using a towel. Start applying a hair mousse through your hair and try to scrunch it beginning from the end to root of the hair. Use a blow dryer along with a diffuser to dry the hair and separate it into two different sections to dry it with cool air. Now spritz all over the hair with a spray and try to scrunch it with your hands. Spritz the hair again with water and divide it into two different sections. Continue the styling process by wrapping the hair with a bandanna in the night and remove it in the next morning to get into the look. Now you can use a hairspray all over your hair to keep the waves in place.
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