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Emo Bun


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Emo bun is a completely new way of styling the hair that is mostly worn by a particular people. This style cannot be achieved like a normal bun as you have to use few advanced techniques to achieve it. It is not worn by many people, but it can give a good look for everyone with any kind of hair. Just follow this simple step to create this hairstyle on your own without any problem.
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To create an emo bun, first comb the hair using a normal brush and make a simple part. Now use a flat iron all over the hair to create a straight look and take entire hair at the back of the head to make a simple ponytail. Try to leave out few tendrils from the ponytail to make it frame your face in the end. You can create the ponytail on any part of the head such as top center, flat at the back or even at the bottom on both sides of the head. Now twist your ponytail to wrap it with a hair tie. Keep the ponytail in place against the head using bobby pins and take out few pieces from the hair to create an edgy look. At last mist the entire bun with a small amount of spray to keep it in place for a long time. You can also use a headband on top of the head to end the styling process.
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