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Hairstyle With Vertical Highlights


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Adding vertical highlights in the hair can give a completely new look. In this hairstyle there will be slivers of hair around the head in a thin line. The highlights in your hair will be thin about three inches long and it can give a fullness as well as intriguing look. This style can be achieved at home by using the following method.
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First put a towel on your shoulder to prevent color from falling on the clothes. Then divide the hair using a comb and secure it individually. Use hair clips to keep the vertical slices on the head about 2-3 inches away from each other. You must create a minimum of 8-10 slivers around the head to make it look good. Wear hand gloves and mix the bleach along with a developer as per the directions on it. Keep the foils edge under the first section of the hair and apply the mixture on it using a brush. Try to press the hair in the foil and do the same with the other parts of the hair. Leave the hair for the time specified by the manufacturer and look into the hair once in ten minutes to see the color developing. Now you can take out the hair from the foil after reaching your desired look and wash the hair using a normal shampoo. Then apply the hair conditioner and leave it for about 5-10 minutes more before rinsing the hair again.
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