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Methods To Use Hair Texturizer


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Hair texturizers can be useful in adding a little definition in the hair and it can also control the frizz in a springy hair. The texturizers are also used by many celebrities on the hair to make them more manageable for some time. It is normally used on the hair by a hairstylist, but you can apply it on the hair by sitting in your home by following a proper method.
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Before starting the styling wear hand gloves and read the instructions over the texturizer kit. Make sure to wash the hair to use the texturizer in a proper way. Try to mix the hair texturizer properly to get the correct effect. Next apply a generous amount of hair texturizing paste all across the hairline at the nape to the ears at the back. Then use a wide tooth comb along with your hands to spread the texturizing paste evenly throughout the hair. Make sure to brush the hair in the direction where you want them to go. You can also use the texturizing paste to make the hair straight or curly. For straight hair, brush your hair with the paste by keeping it a flat board and flip the comb to slide it on your hair downwards. Use the same technique to all over the section of your hair to make it straight. Try to use the texturizer very little on the hair to define the curls all over the head.
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