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Vanessa Hudgens With Straight Hair


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Vanessa Hudgens has been seen with different types of hairstyles, but a straight hair gives a very simple and beautiful look. This hairstyle can be created by anyone to get her look. There are also other celebrities who style their hair like this to get the simple look. Here is a simple and easy method to create this style without getting help from a hairstylist. Before starting the styling keep all the necessary things ready such as a heat protection hairspray, Thermal activated cream, flat iron, silicone spray and more.
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To get Vanessa Hudgens hairstyle, start the styling with a freshly washed hair and mist it with a heat protectant hairspray. Then brush the hair to spread the hairspray evenly all over and apply a thermal activated cream to protect the hair from heat. Use the thermal activated cream mainly on the roots of the hair for better styling. Now divide the hair into two inch part to use a flat iron on it till the tip of the hair. Make sure to use the flat iron as straight as possible or you hair will become curly. Use the same method on other parts of the hair. Mist the hair with a silicone hairspray to get into the look and it will also add more shine in the hair. Leave the hair on its own after completing the straightening process and avoid touching it very often as it can make the hair look frizz.
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