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Choppy Straight Hairstyle


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Creating a choppy straight hair can be helpful in achieving an edgy look. This type of hairstyle can be worn at any place and it will look good during all the season. It can be created on any type of hair by following a proper styling technique. This style can be achieved in three different ways.
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Start the styling with a fully washed hair and first cut the initial layers in the hair. Try to begin the haircutting by taking a small section of your hair about half inch width and cut it by holding scissors facing down inside the section. The second option is cutting the hair by dividing it about half inch wide and keeping sharp end of your razor on the top part of your hair toward the fingers. The blade must face away from your hair and pull the blade over the hair shaft to cut a bulk hair. Avoid cutting the hair much closer to your scalp as it can spoil your look. To get this look with a straight hair, first use a texturizing hair gel to make the hair fully straight. Add a little amount of texturizing gel in your palm to spread it through the hair to get the choppy effect using your fingers. To create this style with curly hair, first apply a straightening cream all over the hair and put your hair in a flat iron to make it straight in sections.
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