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Root Lift After Coloring Process


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The hair color used on the hair can only last for few days and the roots will become visible with its original color. There is no need to cover this part of the hair by wearing a scarf or any hats as they can be taken by lifting the roots at home using a styling kit. Before using the styling product on the hair make sure it is perfect for your hair type.
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First comb the hair to remove the tangles in it and use a root touch up pen on the roots. Use the technique mentioned on the product and follow the directions properly. Some of the root touch up pens can only provide temporary fix which can be easily washed. You can also use the root color along with tinting product which can easily blend into the colored hair. Lift your hair in one inch wide section from your scalp and brush the roots from the scalp brushing outward to cover the exposed roots. It can stay on the hair until you use a shampoo to wash the hair. Select a root lifting color which must be a shade lighter than the colored hair. Use the product on the roots and leave it for about ten minutes. Then rinse the hair as usual and use the hair conditioner provided along with the styling kit. One of the simplest way to cover the roots is using a hairspray which can provide temporary solution.
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