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Creating Waves With Straight Hair


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Having a simple looking straight hair can give a very ordinary look, but you can make it attractive by adding waves in the hair. The waves can be created on any type of hair and making the straight hair wavy can be done without using any special technique. Most of the women like to style their hair in this way to achieve a great look.
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First wash the hair as usual with a normal shampoo and use a little amount of conditioner all over. Then blot the hair using the towel and brush it with the help of wide toothed comb. Now add a small amount of mousse in your hands to spread it through the hair from end to root. Take a section of hair about 2-3 inches wide and wrap it around the fingers in your hand to create spirals and try to slide your hair from the finger to keep it over the head. Use bobby pins to keep the hair in place and make crisscross pattern using the bobby pins. Use this method on each part of the hair to create the wave. Then use a blow dryer on the hair along with diffuser all over the hair till it becomes completely dry. Take the hair from the bobby pins and make them fall naturally on your shoulders without using a comb to brush them. Spray the hair with a finishing hairspray to keep the waves in place without flyaways.
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