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Fading Mohawk


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A fading Mohawk is a very unique hairstyle that is mostly worn by teenagers. This style is very common among men, but women only wear it to get a completely new look. It is important to follow a proper technique while creating this style as it can spoil your entire look. You must get regular haircut to keep this hairstyle in its own shape. This hairstyle can be created by using an electric razor without going to a hairstylist and get help from a friend only if needed.
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To get the fading Mohawk, first clean your hair by washing it with a shampoo and dry it using a towel. Then brush the hair and make a middle part on top of the head. Now place a cloth around the shoulder and make the hair to fall on them. Take an electric razor to shave the hair at the sides of your head starting from top of your head and moving towards down. In case you are creating this style for the first time try to get help from a friend. Now sculpt the Mohawk to make it thick at the top and thinner at the nape. Wash the hair again with a shampoo and rinse it as usual to remove the stray hair on top of the head. At last spread a small amount of hair gel all over the hair on top of your head to make it stand up straight.
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