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Hairstyle With Floral Headband


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Wearing a floral headband can make your simple looking hairstyle really beautiful. There are various hair accessories that can be used on the hair, but using a floral headband can make it look completely new. You can easily create your own headband by using flowers which can also save time as well as money. Try to use little flowers to make this headband or you can try out adding gemstones and other products to style the headband along with flowers. Use flowers with different colors to make your hairstyle look beautiful.
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First get a headband which must be wide to hold the fake flowers and make sure to take out the stem from you flowers. Take out the plastic parts from the flower and heat up the glue gun. You must decide about what kind of headband that will look perfect on the hair such as lots of flowers, delicate flowers at the side of the head and dramatic large flower. Start placing the flowers on your headband and style it as per your desire. Now smear your glue gun over the center of your flower and try to adhere it to your headband. Try to layer and stack the flowers to get your desired look. You can also cut the petals of the flower at the bottom if it covers the headband fully. Leave the head to dry on its own and use it on the head as per your wish.
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