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Highlighting Hair With Zipper Technique


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Highlighting the hair with a zipper technique can help to get diagonal lines in a zigzag pattern throughout your hair. It is an easy process that can be used to add dynamic highlights in the hair. Foils will be used on the hair to color them as they can add more in the highlights making it look to be naturally all over the head. While selecting the color for highlighting the hair make sure to look at the instruction on the package. Use this method to apply the color on your hair in a proper way.
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To use this technique, begin the styling process on unwashed hair. Comb the hair as usual and make a part on any side of the head. Now make zigzag part on your parted line and move at the back of your head to slice through your hair for about two inches diagonally. Then create another diagonal part in 45-degrees till the crown of your head. Take the strands from the hair line on the edge of your zigzag part and keep the highlighting foil just below the hair strands to use the color on them. Use the foils starting from front of your head till the end of it to make the coloring in a proper way. Leave the hair color on for the time mentioned on the coloring kit and then remove the foils from the hair to wash it using a shampoo as usual.
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