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Coloring Hair With Chunking Cap


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Chunking can be done to create a bold looking hair and it usually involves artificial color used on a large chunk of the hair. This is normally done by hairstylist by using foil wraps, but you can do it using a chunking cap. The chunking caps have fitted vinyl as well as lining that can prevent drainage of the color. It is available in the convenience store or get it from a local salon to color the hair at home.
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Before starting the styling use a shampoo to wash the hair and dry it as usual. Then brush the hair at the back of the head and place the chunking cap. Secure the cap in place using a hair tie. Start pulling the chunks of your hair through the prefabricated cap holes using the highlighting needle. Wear hand gloves before applying the chunking mixture on the hair and follow the instructions mentioned on the package. Use the chunking mixture on each chunk of the hair using your hands along with a tint brush. After coloring the hair take out the chunking cap and rinse the hair as soon as possible using warm water. Then wash the hair using a suitable shampoo and apply a conditioner properly. Leave the hair dry on its own and go through the hair to look at the hair colors. If you find out any part of the hair has been missed use the same method to color it again.
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