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Dreadlocks With Straight Hair


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Creating dreadlocks with the straight hair is the simplest way of changing your look. This hairstyle is mostly worn by those who have thick hair, but even thin and straight can be used to achieve this look. It is the most worn hairstyle among many people all across the world which also includes celebrities.
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Start the styling with an unwashed hair which will make the dreadlocks stay on your head for a long time. Divide your hair as one inch parts and secure it using a hair tie. Try to create as many parts as possible using the same technique. A straight hair is considered to be much harder to create the dreadlocks when compare to other hair types. Try to add curly texture into the straight hair by braiding each of them individually and secure it in place. Leave the braids on your hair for about 15 days and wash it as usual once in 3 days. Now you can take out the braids and brush it as usual and spread a small amount of hair gel all over. Next take one of the parts to tease it in one direction. Try to twist the hair by teasing it to create the dreadlocks and do the same with the other parts of the hair. Maintaining the dreadlocks is known to be very difficult for first two months as they will not sit properly in its place. You can use hair gel to make them stay in place.
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